Learning Go — Week 1


Week 1 of learning Golang. Here are a few things I found interesting about Go: 1. Go is sort of Object-Oriented...

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Learning Go — Week 2


Week 2 of learning Golang: Speed-running has been my method of learning Go for the past week. Having learnt Python and C, I skipped some parts of A To...

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Learning Go — Week 3


Week 3 of learning Golang. It's been a while! Yeah, I just graduated and spent some time traveling with my parents! Recently, I've been doing Go chall...

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Learning Go — Week 4


I love how Go does error-handling! Error handling is not done via exceptions in Go. Instead, errors are normal values of types that implement the buil...

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Learning Go — Week 5


Have not made any update to my Golang journey, because I had been busy building my first Golang project over the past few weeks. This project was buil...

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