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Learning Go — Week 3

Sat, Jan 06, 2024 · 2 min read
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It’s been a while! Yeah, I just graduated and spent some time traveling with my parents!

Recently, I’ve been doing Go challenges on Exercism. I’ve learned a few more concepts like: pointers, strconv, struct, interface. In my opinion, pointers seem like the most confusing concept to grasp when I started learning Go. After doing some challenges and slowly reading how it works, I love it now!

Pointers help you share memory with other parts of our program. When we have a large amount of data, making copies to pass between functions is inefficient. By passing pointers, you can access the single copy of the data directly → any changes made by one function are immediately visible to other parts of the program when the function ends.

I also tried to solve Advent of Code challenges using Go, and learned new syntax as I went. It was tough, at least for me. Here is my attempt to solve AoC challenges. Please don’t judge my inconsistency. It was quite a challenge!

My Go progress on Exercism

As you can see, I still have a few more Go concepts to go, then I’ll build some projects with it.