The Optimal Morning Routine


I have recently watched a video by AfterSkool on how to have The Optimal Morning Routing. Here is what I learn...

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What is antifragile? There is this misconception of a happy life is that one should always be happy. However, learning to embrace and accept painful e...

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My Job Resources


As an international student from Vietnam studying in the US. I am currently pursuing a Dual Degree BBA in Computer Information Systems and BS in Infor…
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Presenting at Huntsville National Cyber Summit


I am proud to have presented at Huntsville's National Cyber Summit for the cybersecurity startup that I had interned with called Ossillate Inc....

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Taking driver license test for international students in the US


In the US, you need to pass 2 rounds to get the official permit: 1. Computer test - tests you about rules, car signals, traffic signs, etc. 2. Road te...

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Guide to renting


I'm about to graduate and looking to rent an apartment. Here're some takeaways that I learned from these videos...

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